Thank you for your interest in HSDFF’s volunteer team! Volunteers are vital for the success of the festival. As a nonprofit organization, volunteers are absolutely instrumental in enabling HSDFF to produce our annual October film festival.

2019 Volunteer Signup below


Helen Bumpas




missy fowler


Volunteers provide the connection between the Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute and our community. Volunteers are often our best ambassadors as they spread positive information about what we are doing and why HSDFF needs support. Volunteers are familiar faces - the ambassadors who help make our audience and guests feel welcome.

Festival Dates

Friday, Oct 18-Saturday 26th, 2019

*Load-in Date Thurs, Oct 17th

*Load-out Date Sunday, Oct 27th


September 14th at 1:00 PM

Core Public House

833 Central Ave

Training for Festival Volunteers

For all new volunteers you must attend one of the volunteer training meetings below: 


At the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce

Thursday, Oct 10th 6:00-8:00PM


Saturday, Oct 12th from 1:00-3:00

*NOTE we will be stuffing filmmaker bags at this meeting.


Mezzanine Level of the Arlington Hotel

Thursday, Oct 17th from 5:30-7:00PM

We will be holding a walk-through of the festival venue for volunteers that have already been signed up via Signup Genius and approved for the week of the festival. This will provide HSDFF volunteers to better understand the logistics of the festival and how each volunteer position functions.

Volunteer Benefits

When you report for your first shift, you will receive an HSDFF festival T-shirt. When you volunteer for two 4-hour shifts, you will receive a day pass for one day of screenings.  Also, we will have a Volunteer Appreciation Party after the festival. (Date to be determined) This event is invitation only and we’ll have food and beverage at the event to celebrate the completion of a successful festival.

Keep track of your Volunteer hours

Check in and checkout with Volunteer Lounge attendant. Please track your hours-including travel time. They add up quickly and documentation of our annual volunteer hours is helpful for strategic planning and grant submissions.

Volunteer: Job Descriptions

Box Office & Ticket Sales: This individual is responsible for managing ticket and festival pass sales at the Arlington Hotel box office and providing high quality service for guests. Volunteers greet and help direct patrons attending the festival and are available to answer questions.

  • Must attend mandatory training session and be able to work at least 3 shifts.

  • Sell single tickets, day passes and festival passes.

  • Use ticketing system with IPad

  • Know film schedule

  • Know basic cash handling procedures


Theater Attendants: This individual is responsible for standing by the theater doors directing festival patrons and providing information regarding film screenings. Theater attendants will be required to retain information about timing, theatre rules, and festival programming, and should be polite and courteous to festival patrons.

  • Count attendance numbers with clicker

  • Be familiar with emergency exits and procedures

  • Stand at door of theater to greet guests

  • Make sure guests condense seating during crowded films

  • Stay in theater throughout screening to monitor

  • Assist late comers with flashlight

  • Clean up large debris in Theater

  • Lost and Found items (to go to Volunteer Lounge)

  • Hand out award surveys at exit (if instructed to)

Concessions & Merchandise Sales: This individual is responsible for selling festival merchandise and concessions to patrons.

  • Sell merch & concessions using our vendini ticketing system with laptop

  • Make and sell popcorn

  • Sell snacks, soda, and water

  • Sell T-shirts, earrings, posters, etc.

  • Keep stock filled

  • Know Basic Cash handling procedures

  • Clean up station as needed

VIP Lounge Host: This individual is responsible for ensuring the highest quality customer service is provided to All-Access Passholders including visiting filmmakers, special guests, sponsors, and individual passholders in the VIP lounge at the Arlington Hotel. This position is responsible for providing courteous, informative and friendly interactions with all passholders in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

  • Ensure VIP Lounge is presentable and welcoming

  • Stock and organize display of food and beverages throughout shift

  • Check passes to ensure that no one is entering the lounge without the right credentials

VR Lounge Host: This individual is responsible for ensuring the VR lounge experience is welcoming, organized and easy for participants to use.

  • Ensure VR Lounge is presentable and welcoming

  • Ensure VR Gear is charged and working properly

  • Educate our guests on how to use the VR gear

  • Assist in smooth transition between guests

Events Volunteer:  This individual is responsible for assisting the Events Director with load in, load out and clean up for the evening parties. There are various positions available in the events team:

  • Ensure event set up is presentable and welcoming

  • Door Manager: Check passes to ensure that no one is entering the party without the right credentials. At some parties may need to sell tickets at the door.


The Three R’s: Respect, Responsibility, Representation


  • Respect confidentiality, the pass and ticket structure and all the people who make the festival possible. The pass and ticket structure is an integral part of the festival.

  • Respect the structure by knowing it and following the rules as to who gains entry to what and when.

  • Be respectful of all those involved by being polite, friendly and as helpful as possible during every interaction. HSDFF would not be the fantastic festival that it is without the hundreds of volunteers, staff and interns, thousands of attendees and many sponsors who have a role in making it happen.


  • Taking personal responsibility for your shift means showing up on time, meeting the commitment you have made (not cancelling at the last minute or just not showing up).

  • Giving out accurate information and knowing where to find answers requires you to be knowledgeable as to the pass structure, venue locations, daily events, HSDFF in general and details regarding your particular volunteer assignment.


  • Be an ambassador for HSDFF and represent the festival in the best possible way.

  • Dress appropriately and follow the volunteer dress code.

  • Refrain from eating, smoking, phone calls and texting.