HSDFF Filmmaker Retreat


HSDFF is proud to announce our inaugural EMERGING VOICES FILMMAKING RETREAT for non-fiction filmmakers!!!

HSDFF invites applications from documentary directors and producers in development, pre-production, or post-production with their first or second feature or episodic series.

The Emerging Voices Retreat will feature workshops; screenings of some of the best non-fiction films of the year followed by engaging Q&As with the subjects and acclaimed filmmakers; and, of course, parties!

Participants will also partake in scheduled one-on-one meetings with top industry professionals in non-fiction storytelling.

It all culminates in a “Retreat Day” on the first Monday of the festival (Oct 22nd) — an intimate gathering of filmmakers and industry experts at a gorgeous lakeside residence.

The Emerging Voices Retreat is designed to help foster discussion, collaboration, and encouragement through a series of intimate, closed-door sessions with notable and inspiring mentors from different aspects of the field.

This is an incredible opportunity for artists to not only develop ideas and make vital connections in order to build a sustainable career, but also to think about their work and objectives holistically in a safe and nurturing environment.

Dates: Oct 19th - Oct 22nd
Monday, October 22nd will take place off-site from the festival.

Participants will receive a travel stipend as well as four nights accommodation at our festival location, The Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa, plus an All-access pass to attend all festival events.


JULY 31, 2018