#HSDFF Join Filmmaker Peter Coyote & Joe Brewster at 1 PM for The Conversation - New York Times Op Docs Series

Today at 1 PM, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival is happy to bring you an incredible series of short films, each one followed a conversation lead by award winning filmmaker Joe Brewster and moderated by Peter Coyote.

The Conversation is a series of 5 minute films about race in America. The series provides a safe space for communication and honest, sometimes painful, revelations on the subject, and aims to become a source of resolution, opening up dialogue to make room for fresh voices, new ideas and ultimately, change.

A Conversation With My Black Son  - For generations, parents of black boys across the United States have rehearsed, dreaded and postponed “The Conversation.” To keep him safe, they may have to tell the child they love that he risks being targeted by the police, simply because of the color of his skin. How does one teach a child to face dangerous racism and ask him to emerge unscathed?

A Conversation With White People on Race features interviews with white people on the challenges of talking about race. The people in this documentary found to start the conversation were uniformly in favor of equality, and certainly don’t consider themselves to be racists. Racism is something perpetrated by other people — the ones complaining about affirmative action and making racist jokes. But why are racial tensions so pervasive right now? Why is race such an uncomfortable conversation to have.

A Conversation About Growing Up Black - A discussion with young black men on the particular challenges to growing up in America. Imagine strangers crossing the street to avoid you, imagine knowing people may fear you because of the color of your skin. Many of this country’s young black men and boys don’t have to call on their imaginations. to experience the feeling. In  “A Conversation about Growing Up Black,”African-American boys and young men to talk openly about what it means to be a young black man in a racially charged world.

Op-Docs is a forum for short, opinionated documentaries, produced with creative latitude by independent filmmakers and artists.

Joe Brewster
Producer and Director, Joe Brewster is a Harvard trained psychiatrist who uses his psychological training as the foundation in approaching the social issues he tackles as an artist and filmmaker.  Brewster, in conjunction with his Rada Film Group co-founder, Michèle Stephenson, have created stories using installation, narrative, documentary and print mediums that have garnered support from critics and audiences internationally.  He is a recipient of fellowships and grants from the Sundance Institute, the Tribeca Film Institute, BAVC and the MacArthur Foundation.  Brewster is a Spirit Award and three-time Emmy Award nominee.  His recent documentary film AMERICAN PROMISE was awarded the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Achievement in Filmmaking at Sundance and the African American Film Critics' Association Award.  Brewster’s outreach accomplishments include a Revere Award and the 2013 NAACP Image Award for the best selling companion book Promise’s Kept and a BritDoc Prize for developing one of the most innovative outreach campaigns in 2014.