#HSDFF Day 6 Schedule Highlights


It's Day 6, which means HSDFF is only half over!  Today we have docs on atheists, Hollywood, vikings, haunted houses, 30 short film screenings and much more! 


Wednesday, October 14 • 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Mission Control Texas

D:Ralf Bücheler | USA | 85 min | Arkansas Premiere

"The Atheist Experience" is the only atheist TV show in the U.S.. Every Sunday afternoon two atheists debate people on the phone for one hour - on camera. It is produced by public access TV and additionally streamed over the internet.MISSION CONTROL TEXAS portrays the show, its protagonists and the discussions between hosts and callers. The debates between believers and sceptics are hilariously funny, touching and shocking at the same time. The film is an intimate, concentrated and entertaining insight into the culture wars. And it gives us an idea what it means to be an atheist in the southern U.S. today. MISSION CONTROL TEXAS also shows religious life in Texas - and how it permeates almost every aspect of the public sphere. Finally both sides meet directly and we understand why it can be scary to be an atheist in Texas. A tragic comedy of discourse.


Wednesday, October 14 • 3:40pm - 4:40pm

The Man Who Saved Ben Hur

D: Joe Forte | USA | 55 min| Regional Premiere

Featuring never-before-seen photographs and memorabilia from Hollywood's golden era of filmmaking,The Man Who Saved Ben-Huris an intimate look into one man's behind the scenes life with  the famous and infamous.Where relationships were formed, treasured and ultimately forgotten by the time the production ended. Through the words and images of the last living crew member of the legendary epic masterpiece Ben-Hur,the film explores the nature of our very human need to simply be remembered.

Official Selection Docutah FF


Wednesday, October 14 • 4:50pm - 6:20pm

Lost Conquest

D: Mike Scholtz | USA | 70 min | Regional Premiere

More than a thousand years ago, legendary Viking explorer Leif Ericson secretly claimed the state of Minnesota. And the nice folks who live there today have the ancient Viking artifacts to prove it. So how come nobody believes them? Lost Conquest is a delightful documentary about science and faith. With swords.

Official Selection Boston Independent FF

Attending: director Mike Scholtz, producer Valerie Coit


Wednesday, October 14 • 6:00pm - 7:25pm

Beaver Trilogy Part IV

D: Brad Besser | USA | 80 min |

A chance meeting in a parking lot in 1979 between filmmaker Trent Harris and a young man from Beaver, Utah, inspired the creation of an underground film that is now known as Beaver Trilogy. But the original film itself is only part of the story.

Official Selection Sundance FF, HotDocs


Wednesday, October 14 • 8:00pm - 9:30pm


D: Anthony Morrison | USA | 88 min | Regional Premiere

A Michigan family-run business sets out to create the scariest haunted house in the state.

Phobia House consistently has been ranked as one of the best haunted houses in Michigan, but that didn’t stop the fire marshal from shutting down the family-run business last year. Determined to make up for their losses, the Intgroen family set out to create their scariest attraction ever. Anthony Morrison shadows them as they scout a new venue, recruit a motley crew of zombies, host screaming sorority visitors and even contend with intimidation tactics by the local competition in the lead-up to Halloween.


Wednesday, October 14 • 8:30pm - 10:00pm - PARTY

Thermal Waters Party @ Quapaw Bathhouse

Wander down Central Avenue to the acclaimed, historical thermal water Quapaw Bathhouse. A “water bar” will be set up in the south wing of the Quapaw Bathhouse to sample mineral water from local natural springs, along with complimentary beer, wine and finger food.  On the veranda, Duo Kenny Tillery and Courtney Overacker will serenade.

All sponsors, donors, VIP passholders, filmmakers and special festival guests welcome.

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