Festival Schedule



Friday, Oct. 6

7:00PM - Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies

9:00PM Opening Night After Party Sponsored by Arkansas Times

Saturday, Oct. 7

9:30AM - Given (Free Screening!)

9:30AM - Samantha’s Amazing Acro-Cats

11:30AM - A Modern Man

12:00PM - Grizzly Man

2:15PM - A Shot in the Dark

2:30PM- A Master Class with Werner Herzog

5:00PM - A Gray State

5:00PM -SHORTS PROGRAM 1: Political Fuse

7:00PM - What Lies Upstream

7:30PM - Dealt

Sunday, Oct. 8

9:30AM - Wasted! The Story of Food Waste

10:00AM - The Groove is Not Trivial

12:00PM - Stumped

12:00PM - Saving Brinton

2:30PM - Cradle of Champions

2:30PM - The Fabulous Allan Carr

5:00PM - Augie

5:00PM - 42 Grams

7:30PM - All The Wild Horses

7:30PM - AlphaGo

Monday, Oct. 9

9:30AM - Saving Brinton

9:30AM - SHORTS PROGRAM 2: Alternative Match

12:00PM - Resistance is Life

12:00PM - AETN Student Showcas (Free!)

2:00PM - Finding Home Trilogy

2:00PM - Samantha’s Amazing Acro-Cats

4:00PM - Acorn and the Firestorm

4:00PM - Benini – The Artist’s Journey & The Malco Theatre: A Personal Journey

7:30PM - Dream Land: Little Rock’s West 9th Street

7:30PM -Kim Swims


Tuesday, Oct. 10

9:30AM – Out of State

9:30AM –Stumped

12:00PM - The Favored Strawberry

12:30PM - Stranger in Paradise

2:00PM - All the Queen’s Horses

2:30PM - SHORTS PROGRAM 3: Parental Guidance

4:00PM - Dixie Land

4:30PM - Kim Swims

7:00PM - Rebels on Pointe

7:00PM - Above the Drowning Sea

Wednesday, Oct. 11

9:30AM- SHORTS PROGRAM 4: Circle of Life

9:00AM- AlphaGo

11:30AM - Shiners

12:30PM - The New Radical

1:00PM - SHORTS PROGRAM 1: Political Fuse

4:00PM - Bill Nye: Science Guy

4:00PM -Mighty Ground

7:00PM - Dare to Be Different

7:00PM -True Conviction

Thursday, Oct. 12

9:30AM - The Cinema Travelers

9:30AM - All the Queen’s Horses

11:30AM - Waiting for the Sun

11:30AM - SHORTS PROGRAM 2: Alternative Match

1:30PM - Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer

1:30PM - SHORTS PROGRAM 3: Parental Guidance

4:00PM - Liyana

4:00PM - The Last Pig

7:00PM - Acorn and the Firestorm

7:00PM - Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Friday, Oct. 13

9:00AM - Score: A Film Music Documentary

9:30AM -City of Joy

11:30PM - SHORTS PROGRAM 4: Circle of Life

12:00PM - No Man’s Land

2:00PM - Women in Film Panel (Free)

2:30PM - Frank Serpico

2:30PM - The Last Animals

5:00PM - SHORTS PROGRAM 5: Supply and Demand

5:00PM - 78/52

7:30PM - Atomic Homefront

7:30PM -Wait For Your Laugh: Rose Marie the Longest Career in Showbiz

Saturday, Oct. 14

9:30AM - Quest

9:30AM - SHORTS PROGRAM 6: FAMILY SHORTS – Vision and Sound

12:00PM - Liyana

12:00PM - The Workers Cup

2:30PM - Tommy

2:30PM -Tell Them We Are Rising

4:00pM - SHORTS PROGRAM 7: Screening Committee Selects

6:30PM Davi’s Way (With Robert Davi in Attendance)

9:00PM Closing Night After Party Sponsored by AY Magazine